Comment 3 : On Merve’s post about scrum


Interesting blog post. You describe in a good way how you have used Scrum and also why you find it to be beneficial for you and your group. I agree that it prevents procastination and motivates the team to work and put in the 20 hours required. Thats of course if you have your daily stand up meetins, which my group did not always do, it is good that you agreed to have a meeting on discord instead to keep each other updated and not have to go to university for a 10 minutes meeting.

However, you did not mention how the google sheet with the product backlog and the sprint planning/sprint review sheet has worked out for you. Is it simple to keep updated, do you do it individually or is the scrum master or designer in charge of it?
For us it has been hard to keep track of assets that are ready for one deadline but not for the next one. For example, an asset that was implemented within the game for the alpha, needed to be changed and ameliorated for the beta and it was hard for us to keep track of these since they were noted as “tested and implemented”

I would have liked to see if there was anything you were not as satisfied with when it comes to scrum? Anything that is not working or something you did not like about it?

Good luck

Marie colin


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