Sprint 6 : Game over screen and victory screen

This week I have been working on both the game over screen that will appear when the player loses and the victory screen that will appear when the player completes the game.

When it comes to the game over screen, it was quite simple for me to decide what should be on it because our concept document revolves around a mystical creature called -Umibozu. I decided that I would draw the sunken shipwreck being taken away by the creature.

The process for this image are the following :

  • Sketching the shipwreck and the umibozu outlines.
  • On another layer sketching background to give more depths to the image.
  • Try a color palette of greys.
  • Color the image on another layer, keeping the darkest for the foreground and umibozu and the lighter colors for the background. I am not sure that was the right way to do it, if i would recolor it now i might make the reverse decision.
  • I added some paper texture that I had used for the background tile of our game to keep the harmony with the game.
  • On top of that I used a sponge brush i downloaded online to create more darkness around the edges of the picture.

Here is the game overscreen :

umibozu ending game over

For the victory screen, I decided to draw the boat getting back safely to the harbor since the player starts the game by leaving it. I decided to go for a concept art and not keep the top view of the game. It gives a more ” narrative ” feelings to the game and also I did not want to reuse the harbor of the main menu because it would look lazy. In order to keep the “oriental ink on paper” style  I looked for references and decided to use the next image as a style guide :hand-drawn-japanese-landscape-background_23-2147560881

I first sketched the harbor to look a bit similar to the main menu one, I added mountains around it because there are a lot of cliffs in our game. I sketched the boat and the trees and vegetation.
Then I decided to keep the sketched lines and just erase the ones that were too messy and redraw some of them to look more polished.
I used a watercolor brush with different opacity to color the picture and finally I added paper texture to it so it would be similar to the other screen and the rest of the game.
Here is the result :

win screen


One thought on “Sprint 6 : Game over screen and victory screen

  1. Hello! I’m here to give you some late, but hopefully/interesting feedback.

    You describe the process in which you’ve created these assets very well and detailed. I’m able to understand your thought process and your design decision, and I can see what you are going for. I would’ve really liked to see some work in progress pictures of your assets in addition to this, just to get an even better insight into your workflow. I really do like that you’ve included your reference image for the victory screen, and I think you did a great job capturing the art style of your reference.

    I have some art critique though. I think you are on the right track of keeping the darkest colors to the foreground and the important objects, as you mention in your post. I think it is a bit of a mistake to save the pure black color only to umibozu. If you would’ve made Umibozu a bit lighter and kept pure black for a couple of foreground objects really up close to the “camera” I think you would’ve gotten a better sense of depth in the picture. If the Umibozu was a lighter shade of grey you could also give it a bit more depth by giving it some shadows, because unfortunately Umibozu looks a bit flat here. That might’ve been an artistic choice though, and I think the picture looks good. I just feel like the depth you’ve created in the background is wasted with such a shallow foreground.

    Still, this was a well written blog post, and I’ve definitely thought it was interesting learn about your work flow.

    – Esbjörn Holmerin Nord


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