Comment on Roberto’s animation post.

“Insight #4 – Lasers & Animation”

  1. hola,

    Interesting blogpost about the animation process of your behemoth. I have been lucky enough to witness your meetings and all the work that has been done on this game so Im glad to be commenting on your blog.
    Its interesting for me to read that people thought your laser looked like it was made of water because it was my first thought when I first saw it. On my part I thought the reason for that was the shape at the tip of the laser that made it look like water colliding onto something and splashing away. So i think I would have started with changing that tip shape into someting more square or angular as if the light of the laser was bouncing/refracting from a surface.
    However, the changes you made to the temperatures and the brightness in the middle part of the laser combined with the animation of the laser lighting up really made the trick and I think it looks great. There is a huge progression from the first laser you had in alpha compared to the one you have now!
    When it comes to the process of animating, most of us graphics students have encountered the same obstacles and difficulties. First with learning the theory and the ‘how to’ in photoshop and learning to communicate with the programmers and our groups about the process of animating. It is painfully time consuming when you want to achieve a certain standard.

    In the end, I think your laser and canon looks dramatically better now thanks to the color changes, the animation of the laser, the design change on the canon and the particles around it.

    Great job!



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